Financial Assistance

Algonquin Township General Assistance (GA)

Are you having a hard time making ends meet? Many people struggle to cover rent and mortgage payments as well as utilities (ComEd and Nicor). For residents in need, applications for financial assistance are available by appointment. Call or stop by the office to pick up an application and schedule an appointment. You must apply for assistance in the Township where you currently reside and show proof of residency.

Eligibility for General Assistance is based upon assets and household income for a 30-day period. Applicants and/or recipients that are unemployed must register at the Illinois Department of Employment Security Job Link program and actively seek employment. Grants are reviewed monthly and are paid directly to the vendor, i.e. landlord, utility company, etc. Cash is not paid to the recipient.

Basic eligibility requirements are:

  • Apply for assistance in writing.
  • Be a resident of the Township where they are applying for assistance.
  • Be registered with Illinois Job Link monthly, if not working.
  • Actively seek employment.
  • Provide all information requested by the Township.
  • Cooperate in getting information needed by the Township.
  • Follow up, in good faith, with any referrals given by the Township.
  • Keep all appointments at the Township Office.

General Assistance is intended to help residents maintain their household. Assistance may be disbursed for specific basic maintenance needs as shelter (rental/mortgage assistance), utilities, food, clothing, household supplies, personal essentials, and laundry.

General Assistance eligibility is re-determined monthly, by appointment, and as long as the recipient maintains his/her eligibility, they may continue to receive a monthly General Assistance grant.

Algonquin Township Emergency Assistance (EA)

Algonquin Township administers an Emergency Assistance (EA) program for their residents. Not all Townships have Emergency Assistance as it is an optional program. Emergency Assistance may be granted to alleviate a life-threatening circumstance or to assist in attaining self-sufficiency. The objective of EA is to assist in emergency situations, such as a disconnection notice on a utility bill, a letter of pending eviction, or an eviction notice.

If the amount needed to alleviate the emergency exceeds the payment amount adopted by the Township, the Township may not pay until the client comes up with the difference. The cooperation of several agencies may be needed to alleviate the problem.

Emergency Assistance is given only once in a 12-month period. If a township gives a client EA, that client is not eligible for EA from ANY township for a 12-month period.

A person cannot receive General Assistance and Emergency Assistance at the same time. A person must be deemed ineligible for GA before receiving EA. In addition, a person cannot receive GA or EA if they are currently receiving cash assistance from the Illinois Department of Human Services or SSI from Social Security.

Applying for GA or EA

To apply for GA or EA please call the Township Supervisors office at 847-639-2700 x7 to schedule an appointment.  Please review the below document prior to calling to schedule your appointment.

Click here  to view a PDF of the Township Resource Guide.