Algonquin Township Assessors Office

The Assessor establishes values on all parcels of property within Algonquin Township. The Assessor does NOT levy taxes. The values determined by the Assessor are used by other government entities to levy their taxes against.

The assessor’s responsibility is to: 

  • Discover, list and value all real property in Algonquin Township
  • Ensure that each property is at the statutory level of market value (33.33%)
  • Assure that similar property is equitably valued
  • Provide public service by teaching residents about real estate taxes, property assessments, and exemptions for which they are eligible
  • Keep current records of each property (i.e. Sales records, property owner names and addresses, changes to property characteristics)

Each year, our office reviews each area of the township to determine if there are any changes to the market value based on sales within the township.

Property Search

Richard S. Alexander is your Township Assessor.

The office is open from 8am until 4pm, Monday through Friday.
Phone: (847) 639-2700 x 5
Fax: (847) 829-9222

Algonquin Township Map

County Property Tax Information

If you go to McHenry County’s web page, then to DEPARTMENTS, and then to TREASURER, you will be able to access information on property taxes in McHenry County.