Chunn’s Burying Ground

T.R. Chunn & Joshua M. Stevens were partners and the original settlers and owners of this property. Chunn died the day after Christmas in 1843 and was buried here on his property, hence the name of the cemetery. His partner Joshua Stevens also died shortly thereafter. The cemetery came back into Chunn ownership in 1860 when C.C. Chunn bought it for $25.

This cemetery has also been known as Oak Glen Cemetery named after the Oak Glen grist mill in the vicinity. The neighboring residence is the former Oak Glen school which was started in the 1950’s and continued classes well after the turn-of-the-century. Over 100 graves were located here prior to some of them being relocated to Algonquin Cemetery. Now there are just a few headstones and several unmarked graves.

After the cemetery fell into a state of neglect, a local group including members of the former school started in 1989 to clean up the old cemetery which is now maintained by Algonquin Township. Major cemeteries all have old burials in them, but it is these smaller ones that need to be particularly remembered as this one is recognized with landmark designation today.