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Algonquin Township Clerk

Karen Lukasik is the Algonquin Township Clerk.   She is the keeper of the official record of all township business; countersigns all claims of the Town Funds; and, she maintains the Seal of the Township.  Karen also serves as the EX-Officio Clerk of the Road District where her principle responsibility is to create a record of bid openings and to countersign all invoices for purchases made by the Road District.

The Town Clerk also serves as the Chief Election Official for the Township and interacts with the County Clerk. In this capacity, Karen is responsible for the acceptance of all candidate nominating petitions; certifying all candidates for election; certifying all candidates for the official ballot; and, canvassing all election results.

Monthly Meeting

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The Annual Town meeting is held every second Tuesday in April at 7:00pm

Algonquin Township holds the monthly meeting at 7pm as follows,
January 11th, 2017
February 8th, 2017
March 8th, 2017
April 12th, 2017
May 10th, 2017
June 14th, 2017
July 12th, 2017
August 9th, 2017
September 13th, 2017
October 11th, 2017
November 8th, 2017
December 13th, 2017

Karen served as a Trustee for the Village of Cary, an elected position held from 2011 – 2015 while returning to school to obtain a Masters of Public Administration with emphasis on State and Local Government. In January of 2016, she began course work in a Doctorate program in Organizational Leadership.   Her years as a Village Trustee allowed her to personally experience policy making and the type of leadership that is necessary to manage a municipality.  She believes that in order to successfully govern, you must be an effective leader.

Successful changes were brought to Cary during her tenure of the Village Board, making Cary move in a more progressive and competitive direction while ensuring the constituents were provided the services that they deserve from their tax dollars.   Efficiency and effectiveness are important to Karen and she hopes to bring these aspects of positive improvements into the Clerk’s office at Algonquin Township.  She values transparency and will continue to practice ethical behavior during her term as Clerk just as she proved during her tenure as Cary Village Trustee.

Voter Information

Residents of Algonquin Township may register to vote at any time at the Township offices at 3702 US Highway 14. Voter registration closes 28 days before each election.

The Algonquin Township Clerk opens the Township offices to registered voters for Early Voting from 22 days to 3 days before each election.

To find your precinct and view your sample ballot go to,

In conjunction with her election duties, Karen also supervises Early Voting at Algonquin Township. For the past 12 years Algonquin Township has provided extended hours to its constituents to cast their ballot at the Township offices. This convenience includes Saturdays to accommodate our residents desire to participate in early voting. All registered voters are qualified to vote their early ballot for any reason from 22 days to 3 days prior to any election.